Pack Tiger Paper Void System

Pack Tiger Paper Void System

Pack Tiger Paper System

Paper Packaging at Unrivaled Speeds - Creates custom-length paper pads at up to 150 per minute - making it the fastest paper system on the market

Versatile - Can be used in a variety of packaging techniques, including cushioning and blocking and bracing

Environmentally Responsible - TigerPad® material contains 85% Post Industrial and 15% Post Consumer recovered fibers equaling 100% recycled fibers. Patented, single-motor design results in lower power consumptions than other paper systems

Dependable and Durable - Requires minimal service, which means greater uptime and a more profitable packaging operation

Effortlessly Integrate into your Current Operation - Ideal for workstations - materials can be taken straight from the system or batched into bins. Smaller footprint is easy to position anywhere

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