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75mm (3 inch) Packaging Tape

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75mm Packing Tape

Prices above are for case quantities (case quantity 24 rolls per case)  


75mm Packaging Tape also known as 3 inch tape, is the most commonly used size tape. It is perfect for sealing transit cartons and provides a secure seal for items in storage and transit. All our polypropylene and vinyl tapes are sold in cartons of 24.


Polypropylene or Vinyl (PVC) Tape?

Polypropylene tape cannot be torn by hand and is generally thought of as an economy option. PVC tape can be torn by hand and offers a higher level of adhesion. Working in the Cold? No tape works well when in extremely cold temperatures and it pays to keep the rolls in a warmer place. However, if your boxes are going to end up in a freezer it’s best to purchase Polypropylene tape and avoid PVC.


Hot Melt or Acrylic Adhesive?

  • Adhesion: Hot Melt Tape wins when it comes to adhesion strength. It has significantly higher adhesion as compared to acrylic tape on most surfaces including fiberboard.
  • Shear Value: Hot Melt Tape has a very strong holding power and is more flexible, therefore performing better under constant stress.
  • Temperature: Both Hot Melt Tape and Acrylic Tape are functional in hot and cold temperatures. However, Acrylic Tape holds up better in extremely low temperatures and is ideal for refrigerated or frozen storage units.
  • Appearance: Hot melt tape comes in a variety of colours and can yellow with age. Acrylic tape is less likely to oxidize and doesn’t yellow with age even if its under direct sunlight.
  • Best Use: Hot melt tape is ideal for shipping boxes due to its superior holding and will ensure that the box stays sealed. For boxes that will be kept in storage for long periods of time, acrylic tape can maintain its seal for more than three years and is more resistant to extreme temperatures occurring in non-conditioned storage space.
  • Application: Both hot melt tape and acrylic tape can be hand or machine applied, but typically the hot melt works better on the machine.

Overall, when it comes to deciding between hot melt tape and acrylic tape for sealing a package, hot melt tape is ideal in most applications. Acrylic is good for long-term storage in extreme temperatures. Hot melt tape provides a stronger bond, adheres more quickly, and takes less time to apply. It is great for bulk packages and for packages that will have to withstand a lot of pressure.

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